Does your family need a carer on an ongoing basis?


What’s our screening process

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Carers are interviewed, referenced and have childcare experience

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We’ll introduce you to prospective carers before they start with your family


All arrangements are managed seamlessly through the Littlehubs app


First Aid
All carers are required to complete a first aid course before starting


Our carers have superpowers


Parents love working with us

What it costs for ongoing care?

Full Day Care
From $32.00 per hour


After-School Care
From $28.50 per hour


How it works?


Littlehubs carers are employed by us and you can manage their hours weekly through our app.

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All Litlehubs carers are insured by us, giving you peace of mind that everything is taken care of

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If your carer is sick and you need care short notice, you can book a relief carer on the Littlehubs app


Frequently asked questions


+ What does it cost per hour?

After-school carers cost from $31.00 per hour and full day carers cost from $35.00 per hour

+ How do I pay the carer?

Littlehubs handles all payments to the carers

+ When do I make the payment?

Parents pay at the beginning of each week for the agreed hours of care

+ What is the minimum booking time?

An arrangement can be booked for a minimum of three hours.

+ What if I only need a casual carer?

All casual bookings can be made through the Littlehubs app

+ Is a casual carer cheaper?

Yes, one-off bookings will cost between $27.$33.50 per hour. If you want to book a carer on an ongoing basis, there are additional costs to cover their superannuation, insurance, payroll etc..