Littlehubs Parents

Littlehubs aims to take the stress out of your child care situation. Our platform enables you to explore, book, manage and pay carers each week through the app. Our ongoing service also provides support when you need us most. If your carer is sick, on holidays or away, we can provide you with the assistance you need.


Getting started is simple

  1. To view the carers on the platform, download the parent app on iOS or Android;

  2. Explore through our list of carers that you can book/message through the app;

  3. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with the Littlehubs team; &

  4. Receive ongoing support to make your life easier.


Frequently asked questions

+ What does it cost per hour?

We have three tiers of carers that cost from $27.00 to $33.00 per hour (based on their experience and reviews within the app. If you want to share, it will cost you from $16.50 per hour.

+ How do I pay the carer?

Payments are made through the app, simply provide you credit card or enter your bank details when booking.

+ What happens if my carer is sick?

In the event where your carer is sick, we will do whatever we can to find a replacement for you.

+ What is the minimum booking time?

An arrangement can be booked for a minimum of three hours.

+ What is the minimum booking length?

We offer both casual/one-off and ongoing arrangements.If you are creating an ongoing arrangement, we recommend that you book your carer for 6 months.

+ What happens if I can’t find a carer I like?

Get in touch with the Littlehubs team and we will help match you with a carer


What we offer


Full day care
Providing you care throughout the day


After-school care
Managing the afternoon routine for your family


One-off care
When you need a night out

Reduce the cost by sharing with a friend


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