Essential tips for first time parents

There are truly never enough hours in a day, especially for us working parents. For Mr Hubs and I, it certainly wasn’t easy. We made every mistake under the sun, so rather than do the same, we’ve shared out top tips from the first year of parenthood.

Stay organised

Keep your important files in a designated storage space. Use something like Google Drive or Dropbox (both are very easy to use). Knowing where the kids important files are will reduce your stress when a “mini” emergency or crisis arises.

Now if you aren’t tech savvy, do what Mr Hubs did and use a multi coloured manila folder 😂.

all day care.jpg

Remind yourself- perfection is not a priority

Perfection is impossible…. remember it’s your first time doing this after all. Now Mr Hubs will argue that he was the frontrunner for parent of the year 🙄 but it’s ok to compromise with “good enough”.

There is no perfectly clean house, work schedule or life… rather than obsess over the small stuff, stay practical.

Meal prep (if you choose to cook)

Time is scarce and sleep in the first year can be even harder to come by. Make life easy and plan your meals where possible. For me, I liked variety, but Mr Hubs was happy with defrosted curry three out of five days (yes, really….). Rather than understand him, I simply embraced it.

Now curry three times a week certainly isn’t for everyone but the benefits of batch cooking is. Once you sort out your fridge space, this tip is an absolute winner!

Have a reliable childcare/nanny service

Having a back-up parenting option when you need a break it isn’t a crime, it’s a necessity. Lock in your easy/free options (family, friends, the next-door neighbours trusted daughter etc.. where you can).

My husband will probably kill me if I don’t give him a shameless plug so if that doesn’t work, you can always see Mr Hubs and the team. For more info, check out it here.

Leave work for designated hours

It may be a Mum thing, but I certainly always feel like I’m kept on my toes . I was my own worst enemy and was always too hard on myself. I was trying to balance too much during the first year. The time I spend with Master and Little Miss Hubs when they were younger was much better when work was making me want to throw my phone out the window.


Have some “you” time

Schedule time to focus on yourself, it will preserve your sanity. Binge watch a TV series, eat a packet of Tim Tams, go out binge drinking for the night… let’s face it, you deserve it!

So that’s it from Mrs Hubs, what did you think? Feel free to reply and tell us about what tips or advice you have for other parents in the community.

About Mr & Mrs Hubs:
So you’re probably wondering….. who are Mr & Mrs Hubs. The truth is, Mr & Hubs are working parents, just like you.

Mrs Hubs is a working mum-of-two who swings between gliding through life, and paddling furiously beneath the surface to keep it all together. She and Mr Hubs share a chaotic, partly renovated terrace in Sydney’s inner west with their gorgeous but ridiculously demanding children, three-year-old Little Miss Hubs and seven-year-old Master Hubs.

Whether it’s juggling the renovation from hell, or find the perfect excuse to miss the neighbours Sunday BBQ, you’ll certainly be able to learn a thing or two from the hubs family.