6 Great activities for the Easter holiday

We all love a long weekend, but not everyone is lucky enough for the chance to go on an Easter getaway. Are you trapped at home with the kids bored and complaining? Stuck on ideas on what to do to keep everyone occupied during the long Easter weekend? We’ve got you covered. Check out these fun, low-cost ideas that are sure to keep the whole family entertained.

Online printable activities

There are a variety of free online Easter activities you can instantly download and print off. Printable activities are a great way to keep the kids busy, help develop some fine motor skills or perhaps just to get some peace and quiet. Check out these fun themed colouring pageswith enough variety to last all weekend long. Best of all, they are completely free.

Egg decorating

Whether it be decorating real eggs or plastic ones, egg decorating has long been a tradition for Easter that keeps the kids entertained for hours. Get the whole family involved and get real creative- bring out all of the paints, stickers, glitter or whatever you have. It could also be a resourceful way to use up any scrap craft items you have lying around such as bits of ribbon or almost empty rolls of decorative tape.

If you are decorating plastic eggs, consider using them as decorative items around the house afterwards as a nice sentimental memory. Make it a fun competition! Whoever’s egg gets the most votes could get a fun prize to keep it extra exciting.

No-mess Easter egg hunt

Traditionally, chocolate eggs or real eggs are used for Easter egg hunting. The problem is, if the eggs aren’t found in time, it could certainly leave a huge mess to clean up… have you considered using foam or plastic eggs instead? You could put a mini prize inside the plastic eggs as a surprise gift or perhaps provide prizes for whoever collects the most foam eggs! The best part is, they are totally reusable. Hide them around the house or take them to the park for some great, active outdoor fun.
Easter card crafting

Kids love colourful things. Even better when they make them themselves! Bring out your inner creativity and have some fun crafting some colourful Easter cards with the kids. All you need is some colour paper, pencils, stickers or whatever decorative items you may have.

The opportunities are endless to get super inventive- think cut out cards, pop up cards, or anything you could possibly create. See who can make the most creative card! Even better, gift them to each other or hang them around the house for an extra sentimental touch.


During the Easter period, it would be no surprise if your house becomes flooded with chocolate. Rather than stuffing yourself silly with Easter eggs, get the family involved in some festive baking! It’s a great way to have quality family time with a delicious reward. There are many great ways to use leftover or excess Easter chocolate to make some delicious treats.
For a fantastic, super easy recipe to use up all of the chocolate eggs you’ll inevitably have lying around, check out this 3 ingredient Easter egg brownies recipe.
If you’re keen for a fun way to use spare chocolate bunnies, try this Easter bunny family cake.

Board games

With all of the technology we are surrounded by these days, it is often easy to forget the classic board game fun. Never underestimate how great family bonding over board games can be! Now, while it isn’t necessarily Easter themed, it is still a fantastic way to exercise some friendly family competition. Dust off the old Monopoly or Twister lying at the back of the shelf and take it for a spin. Maybe even offer some chocolate as a prize… the greatest incentive of all!
Have a wonderful, safe and happy Easter long weekend,