Littlehubs is creating a simpler and smarter way to connect like-minded families with trusted carers.

We understand that the needs of families are evolving and traditional services can’t always cater to your needs. Whether you’re sharing, or in need of a couple hours of reprieve, we’re here to help. Our team is here make your life easier, so get in touch with us today.

What we offer


After School Care
Starting from when the bell rings, our carers handle everything from school pick up to after school dance or soccer class, hassle-free. We are committed to helping reduce the stress from your afternoons.

Full Day Care
Our flexible care is made to support the schedule of working families. Whether it’s ongoing or casual, we provide you with convenient care that suits your schedule.

Available for full day or after school care services. Join together with a friend or neighbour to save on care. Care is held at one of your homes and the cost of the carer is split between you.

Why Littlehubs


Share the cost
We connect families to share the costs of care.


Flexible to your schedule
Half or full days, it’s your choice! Care on demand to suit your needs!


Personally screened
Our carers are verified, experienced and have a WWCC and First Aid.


Arrangement insured
Arrangements are insured, in case anything may go wrong.

How much is it

$16.50 /hr

Reduce your costs by sharing your carer with other families in your neighbourhood.

$28.50 /hr

If you are looking for a carer with additional experience, you can contact the Littlehubs team directly.


How parents get started


Download the app, create your profile and view our carers


Book your carer
Watch carer videos, book and message all through the app.


Bookings are handled through the app with weekly timesheets.

Can’t find what you’re looking?

If you can’t find the right carer in the app, message us and someone from the team will help you right away.

We understand that your busy and as time progresses, your needs may change. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in technology to automate the annoying parts but you can always reach out to us if you have questions.

Who we work with


What they say about us

Frequently Asked Questions


+ What does it cost per hour?

$28.50 per hour (all inc) for a single arrangement, and $16.50 if you share.

+ How do I pay the carer?

You don't have to pay with cash. Payments are made through the app, simply provide you credit card when you book.

+ What happens if my carer is sick?

In the event where your carer is sick, we will do whatever we can to find a replacement for you.